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Reliable, secure IT solutions are crucial to the smooth running of your business. With over 20 years’ experience providing expertise to London businesses, Microfocus is your ideal partner for IT support, maintenance and projects.

Microfocus works alongside your key decision makers to identify how IT services can support wider business strategy, and to ensure technology is fully applied to help reach those goals. Our highly qualified engineers can recommend new technologies that improve efficiency and cost control and make sure that they are deployed securely, too.

Quick Response

There is no time to wait for the managed IT support services that are best able to locate and resolve technical issues. We can provide an immediate response to your IT challenges by ensuring that our qualified staff are working on the case within the hour. We also have the extra advantage of being located in Central London, so we are better situated to reach more of our clients.

Advanced IT Knowledge

Every business is all faced with numerous challenges on a daily basis, and there is not enough time to be slowed down by IT problems. Computers in the City have been a reliable London IT support provider for more than two decades so our knowledge and expertise has been tried and tested many times. We share our valuable experience with all of our clients and bring you outsourced IT support that is both affordable and reliable.

Short-Term Contracts

As organisations grow and scale, they need the flexibility to stay agile and competitive. With managed IT support services that are available on short-term contracts, you can pay for the services as you use them and avoid paying for periods when you won’t need them. These contracts are as short as 30 days, so you can continually review the service you receive.

Impeccable Client Service

At Microfocus, our clients always come first because your satisfaction is our primary objective. We have a shared interest to take your operations to their highest potential and see you and succeed in your business, and we will work with you to achieve this. We keep many of our clients for years and our references reflect this.

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