Cloud & Data Centre Services

Microfocus leverages cloud computing to provide cost effective solutions to businesses in Klang Valley and the surrounding areas. The cloud offers many benefits, and it is a great way to increase reliability, optimise efficiency, and improve security. Cloud based solutions such as Private data centers, Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS include data redundancy by default, and are therefore useful as part of business continuity planning. A host of security options are available, and automatic software updates can be configured to improve security and reduce vulnerability to attack. They can be available anywhere, enabling staff to work remotely in satellite offices or at home. Cloud solutions are infinitely scalable, so they can effortlessly grow with your business without large upfront investments in hardware.

Reduced IT Costs

Moving to the cloud can reduce the cost of managing and maintaining IT systems. Gone are the days of hosting large, power hungry servers on-site. With cloud computing, we can provision and configure virtual servers as and when they are needed. Resources can be increased or decreased depending on requirements at any given time. Customers only pay for resources that are used, so they don’t need to have unused capacity costing money during quiet periods. Micro Pro offer a fully managed service which allows our clients to reduce the number of expensive on-site IT staff, or remove them altogether.

High Availability IT Systems

Cloud computing is naturally resilient to a variety of threats that would otherwise severely impact business operations. Geographically distributed systems with data redundancy protect against natural disasters such as fire or flood. And because data is stored remotely, there is no chance of physical damage or theft at company offices. Rock solid backup and restore systems enable companies to return to full operation quickly following a cyberattack or accidental data deletion. Cloud storage is flexible and fully configurable, so data that needs to be available long term but infrequently can be moved to cheaper, deep archives.