IT Infrastruture

With IT Infrastructure it is crucial to make sure the foundations are solid to support your business applications and future business growth plans. IT Infrastructure comes in the form of on-premise or Cloud based service or both. We understand the emerging technologies and recommend the optimal IT Infrastructure solutions.

Data center infrastructure refers to the core physical or hardware-based resources and components – including all IT infrastructure devices, equipment and technologies – that comprise a data center. It is modeled and identified in a design plan that includes a complete listing of necessary infrastructure components used to create a data center.

A data center infrastructure may include:

  • Servers
  • Computers
  • Networking equipment, such as routers or switches
  • Security, such as firewall or biometric security system
  • Storage, such as storage area network (SAN) or backup/tape storage
  • Data center management software/applications
  • Power and cooling devices, such as air conditioners or generators
  • Physical server racks/chassis
  • Cables
  • Internet backbone

Powerful and Scalable IT Infrastructure

Good IT Infrastructure should be able to scale with your business. At Microfocus, we carefully assess where your business is now, and where you plan to be in the future. We can then recommend infrastructure solutions to suit your requirements and budget perfectly. Migrating systems or software unnecessarily due to poorly designed infrastructure is a drain on valuable resources, so it’s important to get it right the first time. So whether you need a hosting platform, an antivirus solution or cabling in your offices, you can be sure our recommendations are designed with the future in mind.

IT Infrastructure Management

As part of our Managed IT service, Microfocus can manage your IT Infrastructure. Our team of expert engineers can look after your whole infrastructure, or specific aspects such as servers, backups, or antivirus. We can proactively suggest and implement improvements and optimisation to ensure your infrastructure is operating at maximum efficiency. With our powerful suite of tools we can also remotely monitor your hardware and get advance warning of hardware failure, providing an opportunity to replace it before any outage is caused.

We can also carry out regular audits to ensure your infrastructure remains robust and secure, complying with new legislation (such as GDPR) as it gets passed.